Be The Puppeteer…

Be The Puppeteer...

Do you own an independent plumbing & heating business?

Do you feel like you want your business to grow but you’ve run out of time and opportunity to chase that growth?

Don’t fret – You’re not on your own.

If you want to grow your plumbing business without the risks and costs of employing lots more people it’s probably time to think about outsourcing online marketing tasks to outside providers.

This often underestimated management task will give you more time to concentrate on doing what you enjoy and help you to continue generating income that is critical to your future prosperity.

Small business owners like you have too often thought of online marketing outsourcing as something only big businesses do.

But with advances in tech and social connectivity the world of business has become a lot smaller and specialist services particularly for plumbing & heating companies like yours are now attainable and affordable.

There’s also the added benefit of being able to turn the outsourcing tap on and off when required without the costs of employing and retaining a direct employee to provide the service.

For many small businesses in the UK today outsourcing has become a necessity, a new way of business life delivering powerful growth benefits to entrepreneurs alongside increments in output and most importantly – PROFITABILITY.

Key skills are now available at the click of a mouse button and it’s easy to find professionals able to deliver precious new value in next stage disciplines like online marketing, finance, graphic design, web design, HR, IT, legals …the list is endless.

External online marketing providers like Bizzi Marketing are able to on-board quickly saving you the burden of increased overhead and fixed cost in a way like never before whilst offering you the opportunity to grow and market your business in ways you’d never have envisioned just a short time ago.

Utilising an external marketing company provides small business owners like you with reductions in staffing costs, premises costs along with savings in consumables along with many other efficiencies.

More and more plumbing business owners are realising that the immense power of outsourcing enables them to hand over aspects of their business which are outside their skill sets or just do not make sense for them to manage themselves.

This creates choice and freedom and allows the business owner to focus on what they want to do and gives them a chance to compete with much larger competitors without the financial constraints and responsibility that comes with engaging online marketers on a direct basis.

It also gives them leverage over smaller, local competitors they have grown up competing with but who have not yet capitalised on the outsourcing ‘golden ticket’.

Now we’ve set the scene, let’s answer a few common questions.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an agreement between two companies where one company hires another (or an individual) to provide a skill or a service that doesn’t currently exist within the hiring companies employee base.

What are the benefits?

Keep your marketing costs down – Outsourcing provides marketing skills without the long term costs of acquisition. Just turn on the skills and competency tap as and when you need it, pay your invoice and move on.

Only do the tasks you want to do 

Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on the things you want to do in your business. Choice is power and you’ll feel the weight lift when you realise you haven’t got to spend the time learning how to perform a task which is alien to you and that time can be spent doing the tasks you like doing.

You don’t have to do it all 

Many plumbing business owners feel that they can and should do it all – from marketing to book-keeping to sales and installation & repair. Outsourcing key skills helps you realise that help is at hand often at the click of a mouse button.

Outsourcing is for the long term 

Just like a puppy outsourcing is not just for Christmas. There is a wonderful supply of all the skills you need just an invoice away. 

Your key skill moving forward is perfecting the route to hiring specialist online marketing support and your long term strategy should include outsourcing which is sure fire way of keeping costs down and sales up.

What skills can I outsource?

To be honest it’s probably quicker to talk about what skills you can’t outsource.

Bizzi Marketing can provide services in all the key online marketing disciplines. Just one look at our service menu will probably tell you all you need to know about the rich vein of marketing skills available to you right now: –

Paid Search

We can provide specialist social and paid search services on Google, Instagram and Facebook. We’ll even carry out a PPC audit for you on a free of charge basis.

Digital Development 

Bizzi can provide critical skills to help you modernise and take advantage of the continuing digitisation happening in the UK Plumbing & Heating market today.. 

Digital development services include website and mobile app design, SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) audits, keyword research online branding and social media development.

Online Marketing – Whether we like it or not the fact is that UK plumbing & heating businesses are becoming more reliant on successful online marketing. 

Customers generally head to Google to carry out research on future purchases of all kinds and to find potential suppliers – it’s now vital that you’re there too.

Facebook, YouTube and Google advertising provides a rich source of opportunity for small business owners to gain advantage but it’s important that things are outsourced to specialist online ads providers as money can be wasted if the plumber tries to build ads themselves without the necessary knowledge, skills and experience.

Video & Animation – Today’s online consumer has become very selective and attention span is at an all time low. Nobody wants to read extended blocks of text anymore and video is now the fastest growing marketing tool as it provides much higher levels of attention and engagement from viewers.

Here’s one of ours…

It’s not by accident that YouTube is now owned by Google and has become the fastest rising online marketing channel.

You’ve spent many years developing your service and repair skills.

You’re brilliant at what you do so why take the risk of looking bad in front of customers because you did your brand styling yourself or worse still… there’s no brand style at all.

With just the click of your mouse button you can easily outsource the digital marketing skills you need to ensure your business moves forward successfully in an increasingly digital world.

Search engines crawl all over your online content deciding whether it provides value and enrichment to their users. If it does your website traffic will grow, so will your leads, so will you sales.

If your online content is poorly constructed, lacking in keywords and is not attractive to search engines and the reader your business will stay in the shadows – and as Jimmy Wales once said…

– “If it ain’t on Google, it don’t exist.”

Be the Puppeteer …not the Puppet 

As a small business owner myself, I know only too well the sense of overwhelm and frustration that can prevail in today’s business climate.

The current global situation is accelerating the rush to the web for consumers of all types and new skills will be needed if your business is to survive and prosper.

The good news is …online marketing skills are there in abundance.

My name is Martin Smith but you can call me Geppetto.

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