Boiler Calculator 2.0

Improve your boiler estimating efficiency, save money and win more business with this handy boiler calculator tool.

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Boiler Calculator

Boiler Calculator Main Features

The UK boiler replacement market is changing as national boiler installers equip customers to build their own boiler replacement estimates. Here are some features of our boiler calculator that will allow you to fight back.

The traditional boiler replacement model is not yet dead but is under threat from digital disruptors offering online solutions. Speed up your response times and don't let the big boys win.

This boiler calculator carries prices, products and warranties chosen and defined by you. Our customers report that 89% of all installs are done at the estimated price.

How many times have you pulled out all the stops to provide a boiler replacement estimate and then heard nothing back? Avoid this situation and spend that time doing something more positive.

Your boiler calculator will embed into any website and will connect to a button on your Facebook page so it doesn't matter if you haven't got a website. You can run this from Facebook and it will open on it's own site.

We know how busy it gets and the last thing you want sometimes after a hard days graft is messing around on the computer. That's why this boiler calculator is fully managed by us. Just give us a call if you want a change.

When your customer submits their answers you'll both get an auto email. Yours will tell you who the customer is, where they are and which package they've chosen. Theirs will be from you confirming their estimate - Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

No – the boiler calculator features your choice of boilers, warranties and prices. We just build it to your specification.

We’ve found that 3 Combis, 2 Regular and 2 System boilers is more than enough choice for most customers. This covers about 90% of the market for you too. We recommend an entry level combi package, a mid range offer and a premium (top of the range) choice.

That’s the really cool part. Just give us a call, tell us the change you need and we’ll sort it straight away. We make the change at our end and it will update at yours immediately.

Yes – your fee includes the initial build, hosting and full management for 12 months. The price will always be reasonable in years to come too and we’ll send you a reminder at renewal time.

Nah – if you don’t want to renew it at the end of your first 12 months just tell us and we’ll turn it off. No funny business…

Yes, of course. We’ve built lots of installer websites that are fast, responsive and they all feature this boiler calculator as standard. If you’d like a quote just let us know.

Yes, no problem. Bizzi Marketing is a ‘full service’ digital agency serving and focused on independent plumbing & heating companies and we offer a full online marketing service for Google, Instagram, Facebook, Local SEO and organic SEO. Just let us know what’s on your mind.

No, not at all. The customer requests a pre-install survey date before they submit their answers to you so you’ll get to find out prior to the install date if there are any hidden nasties on the job. You can then re-price the job if you really need to.

We can re-direct the customer to your finance provider immediately after they submit their answers to you

Yes – we can introduce you to a finance provider that will be able to help you.

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