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central heating thermostats wireless battery



Size Name:Wireless thermostat | Colour Name:Boiler Heating

Wireless Thermostat It has been developed to control electric underfloor,water heating or water/gas boiler systems,all design have backlight function.

Thermostat supplies single heating contact output or single cooling output contact,to get room temperature via sensor and compare with thermostat setting temperature,achieve close and open of output contact,switching temperature difference is 0.5℃


1.Standard total Size is 86*86mm

2.Display size is 64*64mm

3.Touch buttons to make simple operation

4.Color:white,black,champagne golden

5.The visible thickness above the wall is only 13mm

6.86mm hidden box and 60mm European box

7.Flat mounting,it is easy to install

8.Including built-in sensor and external sensor

9.0.5°C accuracy keeps temperature within the level you set.

10.Children lock to prevent misoperation by children

11.Data memory when power is off.

12.5+2 days programmable and it can be DIY programmable;2 preset programmable modes for your choice,it is most convenient for your use.

13.Holiday mode make you enjoy more comfortable temperature in holiday

14.The temperature of external sensor can be checked

Product Specifications

Power: two AA* 1.5V alkaline batteries

Display accuracy::0.5℃

Probe sensor::NTC(10k)1%

Contact capacity::5A/230V

Working environment temperature::0~50°C

Range of temperature adjustment::5~35°C

Range of temperature display::0~40°C

Output: Switch relay

Insulating condition: Normal environment

Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle

Installation: Wall mounted or on battery seat


Cautions On Installation And Use

1.To prevent the thermostat display from a high fluctuation, special treatment has been made to the program.

central heating thermostats wireless battery
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