ESI ES3247B Multi Purpose Central Heating Programmer/Timer – 3 Channel




The ES3247B offers flexibility and reliability for use in any domestic heating and hot water installation. This three channel multi-purpose programmer is designed for the separate control of two heating zones and stored hot water. The heating zones and hot water programmes are all independent of each other, giving you the opportunity to operate the system in the most energy efficient and cost effective manner. The multi-channel capability enables installers to comply with Part L of the amended Building Regulations by providing separate timed heating control for living and sleeping zones whilst also providing timed control of the hot water. Time and date are pre-set, with automatic summer/winter time adjustment. The factory-set programme suits most households but is quick and very easy to adapt, making this a simple programmer to install and leave to do its job with little or no interaction. The blue back-light can be switched permanently on or off, depending on the user’s preference. When the back light is off, it can be lit at the push of a button and will then turn off again. The programmer can be configured for 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day operation, with the flexibility of up to three on/off timings per day.

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