Lightwave LW921 Smart Heating Thermostat, 2 V, White


Schedule and control your heating from anywhere
Wireless -position anywhere without cabling
Connect to your smartphone



Set and monitor the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world with the home thermostat (when connected to the Light wave Controller). The free smartphone App enables you to monitor and programme, customise and change heating schedules at any time.

The Home Thermostat has a number of different modes, which can be set via the ‘Modebutton. Each mode contains pre-set programmable temperatures. When a mode is selected, the Thermostat will be set to these temperatures until the mode is changed. ‘Running Mode‘ – This mode is selected when the property is normally occupied. This mode also allows you to create a weekly heating schedule which can change the temperature up to 8 times a day. ‘Away‘ & ‘Holidaymodes – Both modes allow you to set a temperature you want the heating to be set to while you are away. ‘Holidaymode allows you to set how many days you want this mode active for. ‘Frost Mode‘ – This mode is used when the property will be unoccupied for a long period. By setting a minimum temperature the risk of pipes freezing is minimised.

Lightwave is the smart home of the future. With a full range of lighting, heating, and power devices, Lightwave provides the comfort, security and convenience of being able to control your home from anywhere using your smartphone. By simply plugging your Link Plus into your wireless router, you’ll be able to create spectacular scene lighting, set room by room temperatures, automate security lights, monitor your energy consumption – the possibilities are endless!

Build Your Smart Home, One Device at a Time

With the Link Plus at the core, you can start building the smart home of your dreams. Our stylish devices are purposefully designed to be familiar and work manually or as standalone devices; but with the built in Lightwave technology, they can integrate with each other seamlessly to allow you to control every aspect of your home. Start your smart home journey with just one dimmer or socket and easily add more later.

Goodbye Gadgets – We Make Real Smart Devices

Our products are not just another gadget you use for a few days and then never user again. Rigorously tested to the highest standards, they are incredibly reliable and durable, and would make a stylish addition to any existing property or new build home. With the ability to receive over the air software updates, we ensure that all our devices remain at the cutting edge for years to come and become a valuable asset as part of your home.

Easy DIY Installation with Free Technical Support

At Lightwave, we set out to create a smart home solution that works for everyone. That’s why we designed our devices to be easy to DIY install; there is no extra wiring necessary, and all devices are legal to install in your own home – no electrician required! We offer free dedicated technical support to all our customers over the phone, and we are always happy to guide you through the installation process or answer any other questions you may have.

Schedule and control your heating from anywhere
Wireless -position anywhere without cabling
Connect to your smartphone
Suitable for Most Domestic Systems
App Controllable
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